“When I started to look into the illusions with Lake, I was highly motivated. I was fed up with disillusionment and wanted to know how to overcome it. I knew that I needed a guide, someone who had gone before me and knew the way themselves – Lake is that person. They was there all the time – every time I had put my observations to them, they responded within hours. There was a flow in the guiding that greatly helped me to stay focused. The results of the guiding surpassed all expectations. Which is only logical in hindsight. How can you know beforehand what you don’t know? Now, months later. Suffering is a distant memory. Old patterns are visibly falling apart. Wow. Thanks Lake.”  Jayavajri, Netherlands

“Having previously experienced the liberating benefits of insight inquiry into self-belief, form and formlessness, I came to a point when I felt the need to retrace my steps. There were aspects of my experience that still felt untouched: habitual ways of reacting and deeply held, unhelpful views. Lake was there for me at this time, responding with acuity and warmth to whatever I brought to the inquiry.  Alongside skillfully guiding me with further inquiry pointers, Lake also offered sessions to explore some of the less tractable aspects of my family conditioning. I was amazed by their generosity; ever-kind and insightful responsiveness and I loved the playful sense of fun which frequently burst out, without in any way diminishing the power of the work we were engaging with. I felt completely free to follow my process as it emerged, without feeling any subtle pressure for particular outcomes from Lake, who comes to this work from an over-spilling of insight and joy, not from a need to prove anything! I would wholeheartedly recommend them as an insightful and compassionate guide, with a huge amount of experience.”  Annie, Sussex

Lake is a kind, insightful and incredibly generous guide. In my time working with Lake, some old family conditioning around anger was gradually unpicked and weakened such that it no longer arises more than momentarily, which has been a life changing boon to the whole family.”  Colin, Yorkshire

“I’m so grateful to Lake for their work with me, guiding through the later stages of awakening. Lake is a skilled, experienced guide who somehow always asked the right questions to point me in the right direction. Throughout our regular conversations – by way of sometimes pokey questioning (!) – I always felt really understood and appreciated the clear, straightforward guidance they offered. Lake is genuine, kind, encouraging and through their patience, understanding and pointing inquiry has guided many people towards awakening. The work we did together has been truly life changing for me and continues to be so. I can thoroughly recommend them as an insightful and supportive guide with an immense amount of wisdom and experience. Thank you so much Lake!”   Chris, Somerset

“Lake came to my rescue whilst I was drifting around after my initial shift. Through dialogue and insightful questioning, Lake was able to understand and provide me with direction and clarity around where I was and what I needed to do. Lake has obvious understanding and skill in guiding to Awakening and is able to articulate it in a way that is accessible to the less experienced. Lake’s warmth and compassion and dedication to my process really shined through, and I feel a lot of love and gratitude to Lake for helping me in this way. ”  Sagara Citta, Durham    https://sagaraonline.com

“I worked with Lake for many months being guided by them, being given exercises, being asked questions to investigate in experience. I found the process gave focus to my life, it was very helpful. For most – not all – of that time I was working with tendencies towards reactivity. I used to be very prone to righteous indignation, irritation, judgementalism and general all-round ill-will! Lake got me to look at all sorts of weird and wonderful things and in the actual process of looking I would often be fascinated, bliss and wonder would also regularly arise but much more importantly than this was the diminishment of suffering and enhanced confidence and freedom in everyday life. Lake can be challenging but more often than not their communications were abundant in good old fashioned encouragement and reassurance. A number of times I was blown away by their generosity, care and kindness. I would be amazed if anyone working with Lake did not make experiential discoveries that eased the heart and promoted freedom.”   Elmas, Europe

“I was recently fortunate to be guided by Lake for several months. Their light touch yet steady presence was such a helpful support for a deep investigation into experience – a very welcome opportunity to be guided and encouraged to see things more clearly. Lake was very responsive to the changing terrain of the inquiry and I felt able to move through periods of intensity with the help of their positivity and kindness, which encouraged the confidence to let go more fully into the process and ultimately, into life its self.” S’dh, Scotland.

“I am very grateful to Lake who worked with me for over a year guiding me through the later stages of awakening. When we met I had already dealt with the “biggie”, that of hatred and ill-will, which thankfully is no longer part of my experience. What Lake helped me do is navigate the tricky, more subtle path between living in the dualist world of everyday life (trials and tribulations, plans and disappointments, etc.) with seeing that such a world is essentially unreal; that there is an undifferentiated wholeness where time and space, and the belief that there are separate “things” out there to interact with an apparent “self” in here, are simply the creation of the unconscious mind. They are not and never were real. What a kind, sensitive, bold, and sometimes tough, person Lake is and I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a supportive guide to awakening.”  SP, Birmingham UK

“The guidance that Lake has offered to me over the last couple of years has had a lasting effect, and continues to inform my spiritual life. For that I am deeply grateful to them. I found Lake warm, generous and easily available, and at times prepared to wield the metaphorical stick. We explored a series of views, through exercises and dialogue, and as these unraveled I discovered a remarkable sense of freedom from suffering and a deepening of insight that rippled through my life. Thank you, Lake, many times over.”  Arthur, Herefordshire, UK