Conditioning / Trauma

We are all conditioned by everything that has ever happened to us. E.g. our family patterns, how we were treated, our schooling, working and social environments, etc. This leads to all our habits, speech patterns and expectations, and creates the things that become a ‘trigger’ for us.

Past conditioning may result in ‘trauma’ energies being trapped in our bodies, leading to deeply suppressed/denied emotions. It may be a smoother ride for you, if you’ve had some psychotherapy before you start the awakening process. In terms of awakening, much of this conditioning drops when we see through the illusions of form and formlessness.

Even with a clear awakened mind, the body can be triggered into a mild fear response (sympathetic nervous system/vagus nerve effects).  This is usually in situations relating to other people. Our body can still ripple with discomfort from old triggers, and we may feel less open-hearted, appear unintegrated and fall into old patterns.  Acting out of this conditioning is obviously uncomfortable and potentially detrimental to our well-being.

Further work using body-based techniques to release the effects of both adult, and childhood ‘traumas’ (which may be from birth trauma, or having once been lost in a supermarket, for example) – from the body can be very useful.   I am a qualified ‘Root Cause Therapist’, which helps us to see where our trauma responses started, and helps to clear them.  I am also training to be a ‘Embodied Processing’ practitioner  so I will be able to use these tools with you as the need arises.

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