Awakening Process

What is the Awakening Process?

This means experiencing life as it is – without thoughts running away with you, and clouding what is actually happening.

Will you be fully ‘Enlightened’ or ‘Awake’ after one insightful moment?  Unlikely! There is usually more work to be done.

There are 7 false beliefs or delusions to see through, so an initial insight, rarely leads to complete freedom from suffering.

The initial insight is most often that of losing the belief in an individual self, that is, to see that we don’t exist in the way we previously thought we did. When we first have insight, we may think ‘this is it’, but after some time has passed (hours, weeks or months) the initial bliss period ends and some of our illusions may reform.

My personal journey, and experience from guiding many people, shows that the process is often not linear, though there is a  helpful order in  which to work through the aspects of the ego.

I had been using the simile of buckets to model my idea – when discussing building this website. A friend jokingly called it the Bucket Model, and it stuck!