The Bucket Model

Why buckets? Buckets can be emptied and refilled with the same, or different substances, they can be lined up in any order and switched about.

There can be a tendency to want to rush through the Awakening journey, as if there’s a goal to reach, and this isn’t helpful.  There can also be many false assumptions when we expect a linear path, so viewing the process linearly isn’t helpful. It can lead to people trying to ignore what is happening now, as they don’t want to think they have gone ‘backwards’ somehow.

To be truly clear of suffering, real insight, needs a ‘heartfelt shift’ or a ‘turning about in the deepest seat of consciousness’ and not just a conceptual understanding. Even then, it seems, sometimes our bodies and our neurological wiring take some time to catch-up with our insights.

This diagram illustrates how messy awakening can get.

See the submenus under the Bucket Model menu for more information about each ‘bucket’ or area of experience/illusion we need to look at, and how I may be able to help you.

So where do you start? Have a read through the sub-menus and then let’s chat!